Studio Policies and Rules


  • Diamond Dancentre states that any unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated, either within the Dance Studio or at any event / performance where the Diamond Dancentre is being represented.

  • Unacceptable behaviour may result in the pupil's exclusion from the school. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated from parents / carers or other family members and could result in parent/carers or family members been banned from the dance school / events / performances. 

  • Unacceptable behaviour includes - swearing, fighting and derogatory comments towards others.

  • Most importantly whilst at examinations / performances / events you are all ambassadors and representatives of the Diamond Dancentre and we expect you to behave in a manner showing this.

  • You are encouraged to fully support your school and the dancers within it.

  • Should any issues arise that are a cause for concern, please let the Management Committee know and we will deal with the situation appropriately.

Studio rules:

  • Mobile phones - These may be brought into Diamonds, but ensure they are on silent during class times

  • Strictly No Chewing Gum permitted in Diamonds 

  • There is to be no running in the hall at any time

  • Spectators are asked to sit either in the shop, the bar or upstairs. We ask that only participants sit in the hall

  • No food or drink must be brought into Diamonds

  • Students are responsible for their own property. We will not be responsible for lost or stolen items

  • All students are encouraged to remain inside Diamonds whilst the are waiting to be collected

  • No person is permitted to take photographs or make recordings of a class or lesson without the permission of the coach / member of staff

  • Make sure there is correct usage of the bins provided. 

  • All traffic in the studio needs to enter and exit through the shop reception unless directed otherwise. 

Guideline for participants:

  • All students are expected to show consideration and respect to all teachers & coaches in the school and also to each other. This will ensure a happy and pleasant environment for everyone.

  • All students must conduct themselves with honesty and courtesy and show consideration to all teachers and coaches, fellow students, parents and staff.

  • Students need to remember they are a role model for other students and show leadership by setting an example through their actions and speech. They need to embrace the dance family rules.

  • All students need to take responsibility for adhering to the rules of our studios. To bring up concerns with the appropriate person and be willing to receive direction and coaching as appropriate.

  • All students need to represent a high level of integrity and avoid gossip, criticism or disparaging comments about fellow students, teachers & coaches or others involved in our studio. Have the willingness to face issues and concerns with maturity and dignity.

  • Parents will be notified if student behaviour becomes unacceptable.

  • Attempt to arrive a minimum of ten minutes before the class or lesson is due to start and attempt to pick your child up no more than ten minutes after the class has finished. 

  • Inform a teacher or receptionist if for any reason you need to leave the class.

  • Ensure you are not eating when taking part in a class or private lesson.

  • Always collect your child from the dance school if they are under the age of 13.

  • If you arrive early, please ensure you wait with your child until his or her class begins. 

  • We will ensure that anyone who participates in a class is ready to do so, if we believe participants are not sufficiently warmed up, we will ensure we go through a warm up. 

  • Ask if you need permission to leave during a lesson.

  • Please give 48 hours notice if you wish to cancel a lesson, otherwise you will be charged the full amount. If a teacher cancels your lesson within 48 hours, they are required to offer you an alternative teacher or an alternative time.

Uniform guideline:

  • Wear suitable attire

  • If participating in a Zumba or a Fitness class, please wear comfortable trainers or plimsoles that support dance moves. Think side to side movements.  

  • If participating in a Latin or Ballroom class, please dress comfortably, (light breathable clothing, no jeans) especially comfortable shoes (we would recommend no heels whilst learning). You may wear your Latin or Ballroom shoes if you have them. 

  • Ensure you are not wearing any large or dangling jewellery that can be caught or pulled out. 

Medical / Health Policy:

  • If you or your child are due to be on the premises we require you to inform us of any medical conditions that may affect the person during their time with us. This could either be done through the registration for Diamond Dancentre or the member of staff on reception. This information will be kept confidential and only referred to in cases of emergency. 

  • Diamond Dancentre will not take any responsibility for any medicines or administer in an emergency but individuals are permitted to keep their personal medicines within their personal belongings relating to their condition in an appropriate place. Please ask receptionist. 

Late Policy:

  • If your child is more than ten minutes late, depending on class content, they will not be allowed to participate in the class as we will have warmed up by this point and it is not safe for your child to join a class without warming up. 

Break Policy:

  • The Diamond Dancentre are aware that some students will have breaks in between lessons and classes and also often be dropped off early. We are happy for this to continue as long as parents understand that we are not responsible for them during this time. We would certainly advise that younger students are not left by themselves during break times. The dance school is not responsible for any items or valuables during lesson times. 

Possible bad weather disruptions or cancellation of classes:

  • In the event of bad weather, a decision will be made as early as possible whether or not to cancel activities within the studio. Notices will be sent out via email. Notices will also be put on the school website and Facebook. The above procedure will also apply if lessons are cancelled for any other reason.


  • If you wish to see copies of any DBS checks please ask.

How to pay:

  • We accept cash, card, contactless and Apple Pay.

Gift Vouchers:

  • Vouchers are available from reception.

Guidance and Policy for Unsupervised Children:

  • The NSPCC recommends that all children under 13 years must be supervised by their parent, carer or guardian. This is due to concerns that they may not be mature enough to deal with an emergency or certain situations. 

  • It is a parent’s decision as to what age they allow their child to attend dance venues unsupervised.  It is a parent’s responsibility to teach their child how to respond to emergencies or situations that may arise outside the house, so they feel confident when their child is not under their supervision. 

  • Children in lessons are under the care and supervision of the principle teacher and or any other cover teacher. 

  • Children who have breaks between classes or wait for classes to start are NOT under the supervision or responsibility of the dance school, the venue in which classes take place are also NOT responsible for your child during these times. Children under the age of 13 years should be supervised during any break times when taking dance classes. It is the parent’s responsibility to put plans into place to find suitable supervision during break times and the child should be informed of this. 

  • At other dance events like exams and competitions, children under the age of 13 years old should be supervised by an adult over the age of 18 years+.

  • We are only responsible for children within their class or lesson time. 

  • Permission will be sought anytime the child will be doing something away from the studio.

Health and Safety:

  • Diamond Dancentre takes seriously their responsibility to ensure the safety of their pupils. All pupils must complete the online Registration Form when joining the school with clear information regarding emergency contacts and any relevant medical history. 

  • A copy of emergency contact numbers will be kept on the secure database.

  • It is the parent's responsibility to notify the school of any changes to their emergency contact details.

  • In case of a fire emergency all teachers have a clear understanding of responsibilities.  

  • The School will undertake regular assessment of risks regarding the premises.

  • We are committed to ensuring all employees/volunteers are competent to do their tasks and to give them adequate training.

  • It is the school’s responsibility to keep a fully equipped First Aid Box. In case of an accident/incident – an Accident/Incident report must be made.

  • If required the school will contact the emergency services first, then the parent/guardian of the student(s) involved by the telephone number on the class registers.

  • Parents should understand that dance is as active and engaging as any sport, and whilst every effort is made to avoid them, injuries can happen. The school accepts no responsibility for injuries sustained via any means other than a teacher's negligence.

  • Pupils will be supervised during class time only and parents/carers must ensure the safety of their children in the waiting, changing and toilet areas.

  • Students/parents or guardians should inform the teacher of any special health considerations or existing injuries before participating in class.

  • Parents must be responsible for ensuring your child's punctuality. Teachers are not available to supervise late pickups. Students may be refused entry if they are continuously late for class as they are missing out on warming up safely for class.

  • Dress code must be observed at all times, especially footwear for safe dance practise. Only indoor shoes, trainers, plimsolls and dance shoes are to be worn in the studio to protect the floor and for Health and Safety.

  • Pupils should not wear any jewellery that may pose a risk to themselves or others (stud earrings, and jewellery worn for religious or cultural reasons are acceptable).

Public Insurance Liability:

  • The principals of the Diamond Dancentre has public liability insurance.  Any locum teacher who teaches classes will be either covered via this insurance, or will have their own personal insurance.  

Smoking Policy:

  • Diamond Dancentre has a non-smoking policy, smoking is not permitted anywhere within the centre where lessons take place. This is due to the health hazards of smoking and passive smoking, and also because the centre regularly holds activities which involve young children. 

Drugs & Alcohol Policy:

  • Diamond Dancentre has a strict no drugs & alcohol policy. Any pupil, teacher or volunteer found using drugs or alcohol whilst attending classes or working at the school, will be presented with a verbal warning. Parents will be advised if the pupil is under the age of 18 years.

Extra Activity Summer Schools:

  • All summer schools will be run with extra care in mind. The pupils will now be attending for a full day as opposed to just their class or lesson. A register will be kept each day with a list of 2 emergency contact numbers on, as well as any medical issues. If the children are being taken off site, a risk assessment and a parental signature will be required. Our ratios will reflect Ofsted ratios.

  • 0 - 2 years 1 adult to 3 children

  • 2 - 3 years 1 adult to 4 children

  • 4 - 8 years 1 adult to 6 children

  • 9 - 12 years 1 adult to 8 children

  • 13 - 18 years 1 adult to 10 children

Collection Policy:

  • All parents and carers are asked to collect their children from Diamonds as soon as the child’s activity has finished, this is if they choose to drop off originally. All children are encouraged to remain in the hall until they have been collected however our duty of care seizes when the paid tuition/activity is complete. We encourage all under 13s to be collected from within the dance school. We will only be responsible for the child for the duration of the activity that they are at the studio for.