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Please note, your personal details are your property. We use the information to provide our services to you, keep you informed, and help us tailor our services better to the needs of our customers. The IDTA are our examining body. If you enter your child for exams, we will disclose certain details about your child. These include their name and previous exams they have taken. We also disclose your information to Supadance League to enable you to enter the competitions should you wish to sign up. Apart from the instance listed above, we do not disclose your details to anyone.If you wish for your details to be deleted, please send us an email and we will do so straight away.

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Medical Details

All children who carry Auto injectors with them, we now require you to store them in our medicine cabinet whilst you are on the premises. Please hand them in to your lesson or class teacher. Make sure your name is written on them, in case of an emergency whilst you are with us.

PLEASE NOTE the TV in the cafe area is a live stream from inside the studio, this will be on everyday. Further to your initial preference when you signed up for membership, if you or your child do not wish to appear on this live screen it is your responsibility to inform the receptionist. You need to ask for the screen to be turned off for the duration of your stay. Images of dancers at either the studio or competitions may be taken on a directors personal device in order to upload them instantly to social media for advertisement purposes. This is your choice, you are able to opt out of us using your image by declining on the registration form.

Medal Test Details

Your IDTA PIN number can be found on any IDTA Certificate or on your Medal Test forms. If you still cannot find your PIN number, please ask at Reception.

Please sign the name below for the person who you are completing the form for to agree to The Diamond Dancentre Policies and Procedures

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