Fitness Classes

Dance workouts are the best way to get fit, combining cardio and stamina with fun and great music to keep you motivated.


Join Kirsty on a Monday evening for a 45 minute Clubbercise session and bring your night out to your workout. 

An award winning workout programme and recommended by some of the best. Incorporating your night out dance moves into your fitness programme 

Monday evening                                6.35pm                                 £5.00 pp

To participate in Clubbercise, please complete a Par-Q form by clicking here



Join school directors Cara and Kerri-Anne Donaldson in their high impact weekly 45 minute Zumba session. 

Guaranteed to make you work up a sweat, this energetic session was created especially with you in mind - whoever you are! All ages (over 16), all abilities. 

Thursday evening                                7.:00pm                                 £5.00 pp

To participate in Zumba, please complete a Par-Q form by clicking here