In today’s busy world, people are always looking for the next way to adapt so they have the time to get in shape and blow off some steam. There are a whole range of activities out there, but none have taken the UK by storm as much as Zumba, which combines dancing, music and movement into an exercise routine that leaves people with a serious buzz. So what is Zumba exactly? Where did it come from? and why do people love it so much? 


The History

Zumba is credited to a fellow called Beto Perez, a Columbian fitness and dance instructor who was determined to bring his new workout to America. The legend is that he once showed up  to a fitness class without bringing the correct music, so he went with some Latin music that he had with him at the time. This improvised class was an instant hit with his students and Perez went on the trademark the Zumba name and developed the classes into the phenomenon it is today.


The Beats

Latin music is the very essence of Zumba as it features an electrifying combination of fast beats and South American melodies to create a workout that is intense, fast paced and very, very fun. There’s a really energetic party feeling that comes with Zumba music, and even beginners and those that are a little shy find it difficult to resist getting involved.


The Movement

It’s the dancing itself which makes Zumba such an effective and popular method of exercise. Usually consisting of a fusion of movements, Zumba features Latin inspired dances at its core including salsa, merengue, cumbia and many more. Of course individual Zumba instructors bring their own flavours and dances to their classes, meaning that no class is ever the same as another.


The Benefit

The best thing about Zumba is that it ticks all the boxes that fitness instructors look for in a complete cardio workout. It alternates between faced paced and slower tempos, giving students some really effective interval training that’s so much fun it barely feels like hard work. A typical Zumba class lasts from around 50 minutes to an hour and can burn more than 700 calories as it uses so many of your muscle groups.


So if you’re looking for a few ways to get fit, why not try out Zumba? You won’t find it difficult to find a class, and neither do you have to be a dancer to take part. Not only will it help you lose weight, it also reduces stress levels, leaving you feeling happy and energised for hours.

Here at Diamond Dancentre, we are running POP UP Zumba classes, so we can give you that Zumba buzz to cover your needs until our next class.

To find out when our next class is taking place, please have a look on our facebook page, request to access our Zumba page 'Zumba@Diamonds', or give us a call on 01252 548478.

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