Here at Diamond Dancentre the safety of our customers is of upmost importance. Therefore to ensure all the children in our school are safeguarded, the following rules and guidelines are in place to minimise the risk to all. This is here to advise you whilst your in the dance school and in the competition environment.


Photography and Videography

With regard to this area, Diamonds will allow you to photograph and video your own family performing and post on social media where appropriate. However please be careful to ensure that the photograph is appropriate and avoid images and camera angles that may be more prone to misinterpretation or misuse by others. However, please check and abide by rules set by Organisers at all external events. Medal test examinations may NOT be posted on social media, this is an IDTA rule. This is announced on the day of each medal test at the beginning of every group. 


Photography/videography etc. in dance schools is subject to many different acts of legislation, protecting the privacy of individuals and families. As well as these statutory rights, restrictions on photography arise from issues of safeguarding and copyright in performances.  Diamond Promise that:

  •   Coaching filming will only take place on the pupils/parents equipment, never on  a teacher’s device.

  •   We may video or photograph your child for use on our website or in press and publicity information. By giving consent via the Diamond Dancentre website you will be agreeing to your child being included within these images, without permission being requested for each and every individual occasion. You are also informed that there is a live stream of the Dancentre rolling in the cafe, for parents to observe. Please inform reception if you are unhappy with this and it will be turned off.