To ensure all the children in our school are safeguarded, the following rules and guidelines are in place to minimise the risk to all.


Internet Access:

The Internet via the Diamonds Wi-Fi, which we are aware the customers and staff connect to, is a business connection so therefore some websites are restricted by our content control bar, which protect our younger customers from accessing adult sites, erotica or violent games.


Internet Use:

We are very aware how much the world has changed with the digital age. As such, Diamond Promise:

  •       All our digital accounts are password protected and managed by a designated person, overseen by the management committee.

  •       No personal information will be posted about anyone without their prior consent and that information will be kept to a minimum.

  •       Consent will be sought from parents/guardians for use of images of your children to be used in any digital format, i.e. photos, videos or live streaming.  This is captured on the signup to the web page, but can be amended at any stage by an email to The Management Committee.

  •   Our staff will not contact young people directly through personal accounts regarding dancing matters; the parent is always the liaison, unless otherwise agreed. 


On your social media posts, please be aware who you are tagging, and ensure that they are happy to be named. Please note that we may ask you to delete posts if they are deemed inappropriate towards staff and/or the studio. 


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