Children's Dancing

at Diamond Dancentre

We believe in making dancing fun, however we support this by teaching the techniques, style and terminology within the class structure . We specialise in Ballroom, Latin and Freestyle classes for children. 



Our Under 5's Class is the base of our school, this is the class where the young dancers start to learn how to move their feet and listen to music whilst having fun. We take children from the age of 3 in these classes. 

Our younger pupils follow the IDTA Rosette syllabus which aims to inspire young minds. Following the IDTA syllabus allows the children the opportunity to take examinations, which we encourage, at our 6 monthly sessions. As part of the syllabus, the children are taught a set of Ballroom or Latin routines and then an additional Disco routine choreographed by the teacher. This ensures the children have the opportunities to experience a wide range of dance styles and rhythms.

The Rosette dancers play an important role in our success, many regularly taking part in competitions and medal examinations.


Our Under 8's Class is our next level. This is the class where the young dancers build upon the the basics of technique and dance style from the Rosette syllabus. This gives the pupils a structured progression. As with the rosette, the children are taught a set of Ballroom or Latin routines and then an additional Disco routine choreographed by a teacher. As well as working towards examinations, dancers are also given the opportunity to compete against other dance schools, and perform in our biannual presentations. 



We offer Under 16 Latin American classes on a Monday, Friday and a Saturday. Under 16 Ballroom classes are also offered on Saturdays. If you are an absolute beginner, we would advise either a Monday or a Friday, however these classes are also suitable for all levels and abilities. 

Our Saturdays are our more competitive classes continuously working towards the Suapdance League and IDTA Nationwide competitions. In all of our children’s classes we follow the IDTA syllabus and as such work towards IDTA medallist examinations. Throughout the year we also offer our dancers the opportunity to enter medallist competitions as well as performing in our biannual presentations. 


Beginners or advanced dancers, our private dance lessons are the ideal way to work towards your goals with one of our dance teachers.We will discuss your individual requirements, your objectives and expectations. You will have a dedicated teacher providing 1-to-1 teaching for the full session. Sessions are run in 25 minute durations. A private lesson can be a way to fast track your learning or top up your existing knowledge. We will select the most suitable teacher for your dance requirements and will ask the allocated teacher to arrange the lessons with you.


Private lessons are available during the week, weekend, morning, noon or night depending on the availability of the allocated teacher. 


Private lessons are for you if you

. would like to learn the basic steps of Ballroom, Latin or Freestyle 

. are an experienced dancer looking to improve your competitive style or technique

. are preparing for your professional exams

. are preparing for your Wedding dance

. have a favourite song and would like to learn to dance to it


For lesson fees, or bookings, please speak to reception.