Do I have to take exams?

The answer is no. If you do not want to take exams that is fine. However you will still progress through the various grades and classes so that you can learn more difficult routines but no one is forced to take exams to ensure this. The only reason we would expect you to take an exam is if you want to compete and represent the dance school at any time. You will read later that we run competitions throughout the year under the IDTA and Supadance League. To enter these events you will need to have taken a medal test within the past 12 months. We encourage you to take two per year in each discipline of dance. This will ensure your eligibility for all the events that we attend. No one is pressured to do anything they don’t want to do. Just come along and have fun!


Do parents have to stay and watch class?

We will never stop a parent watching a class however we ask to either sit upstairs, in the bar or in the cafe where we have a TV showing what is going on in the hall. We ask that the hall is left purely for those taking lessons and / or classes.


I've never danced, do you have classes to suit me?

We have classes to suit all abilities, from complete beginners to those who have previous experience and are looking for more of a challenge. If in doubt, just speak to reception in person or by calling 01252 548748


Do you have dance classes throughout the Summer Holidays?

Yes, we run our classes all year


What are Private Lessons?

A private lesson is one on one tuition. This can be either solo or couples