Children's Classes

Please take a look below at what we offer for children under the age of 16 years.

Whatever age or ability your child is, please get in touch and we will help find them the right class.

Under 5's

Bring your young one along to their very first dance class here at Diamonds. We accept aspiring dancers from the age of three years! As well as training our young dancers we help them express themselves to music and give them hours of fun and exercise in our friendly school enviroment.


Using the IDTA syllabus as our guide, your young dancer will learn routines, take an exam when we feel they're ready and earn their rosettes to complete their dance exam sash.

Friday                                 4.00pm                                 £5.00 pp

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Under 8's

Whether you attended our under 5's sessions or not, this is the perfect class for young dancers between the age of 6-8 years either looking to take up a new hobby or extend their knowledge of dance. 

Dancers will be trained across multiple dance styles, including ballroom, latin american and freestyle. Pupils who wish to take examinations will work through the IDTA rosette syllabus.

We aim to help your talented dance children complete their rosette sash and, if they wish, take them on to higher examinations and Juvenile competitions.

Friday                               4.30pm                                 £6.00 pp

Under 16's

This class is for children and teenagers from the age of 9 years who are interested in learning routines, taking exams and expressing themselves through the power of dance. 

On a Friday evening we have two under 16's classes. A Latin American, Ballroom and a Freestyle class. a great introduction to Diamonds for children discovering dance for the first time. Latin American style includes the dances you see on Strictly, from the Cha Cha Cha, all the way through to the Jive. 

Freestyle is high energy dancing to some of the best music in the charts. Sometimes we do fast choreography, sometimes slow. Learning to dance at all speeds in all style from street to commercial is what makes a versatile performer.

Friday Latin American.   5.30pm - 6.15pm                               £6.00 pp

Friday Freestyle.             6.20pm - 7.00pm                              £6.00 pp

Both Classes Combined 5.30pm - 7.00pm                             £11.00 pp

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Brand New Children's Classes

Join us in your local community for our BRAND NEW classes specially designed for any child under the age of 12 years. Join Carla on a Thursday evening and allow your young aspiring dancers to show you their talents.

4.00 - 4.30pm       3-5 Years         £5.00 pp 

4.35 - 5.05pm       6-8 Years         £5.00 pp 

5.10 - 5.55pm       9-11 Years         £6.00 pp 


Contact Julia or Carla for more information.

Carla - 07964 187878

Julia - 07947 211550


Park Church, Church Lane East, GU11 3ST